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This is Scout. Scout lives in the Greenlake neighborhood of Seattle. Scout’s mom June came to an art show opening I held at Great Dog Daycare. It turns out that I knew them from before my pet photography career. I used to walk a dog who lives 3 doors down from them named Yuki.

Ok- Yuki is not just any dog, she is my goddaughter (or as I like to say ‘dog-daughter’). She is the 2nd most love of my life, behind Fergie. In fact, in some ways she is even more special to me than Fergie. Words cannot express how much I love Yuki (seen pictured below Scout, the black lab). I have never met a dog before her, or since, quite like her.

SO, I found it really ironic that years later, June would randomly show up at one of my art shows, and have already decided to use my photography services, not knowing that we had in fact met, and chatted, before. And that I was the one that walked by her house on a daily basis with yuki. I had even rubbed Scout’s head a few times!

How funny!

Here is Scout. He is funny. He is crooked. I like him like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Scout was so much fun to photograph. I had a great time, and I think he did too, although as luck would have it we ended up doing the shoot on the first really HOT day this year, and poor Scout was a bit on the warm side to say the least. I kept trying to get him out of the shadows for better lighting and scenery. He wanted to stay there because it was the only cool spot to be found. He was a great sport! We had a blast playing with his rubber ring toys. If I had more time I’d post a few pictures of him inside in front of the fireplace- he is SUCH a looker. Handsome, handsome boy…




And here is Yuki, the original love of my life:
(she is an American Bulldog for those who would like to know)

Yuki is the biggest, sweetest dog you will every meet. When she wags her body stuff gets knocked over- like tables and big stuff. She loves everybody. You can just wrap your arms around all 100 pounds of her and she will try and squirm free and lick you all over and grab whatever toy is closest.

She really is the sweetest. Well, unless you are a dog that she doesn’t know, in which case she would want to kill you.

Hey- we all have our flaws, lol!!

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  1. Hi Jamie…howya doing? These photos are GREAT…I love Yuki! What an adorable face.

    Have a good weekend.xoxo!

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