More cool, hip, modern pet products for the home…

I am supposed to be doing my taxes, and have spent the past 2 hours doing anything but. So I thought I’d put up a new post to kill even more time.

I found some more pet products online, including from a site that I couldn’t pull away from. It has some of the most unique ‘everyday’ things I have ever seen.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I have a most unmodern pad, as it is in a ‘spanish-revival’ style building, and has deep stucco walls and arched doorways and coved ceilings and wrought-iron light fixtures. My apartment is filled with comfy overstuffed furniture, rustic wood armoires and lots of warm colors. I say ‘unfortunately’ because oddly enough my taste tends to run to the modern side (although I have seen enough mid-century modern to last a lifetime, but that’s a whole other blog), and many of the cool pet things I have found are in a more modern vein, and therefore would look out of place in, well, my place.

Here are a few examples of more cool pet stuff for one’s pad:

I just may have to buy this chihuahua bank, since it is in my favorite color and is just about the cutest thing ever
















OR, If a pug is more your style, how about this guy?:












I swear if I wasn’t such an ‘adult’ I would have an apartment that looks like Pee Wee’s Playhouse- filled with doggie toys!

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