Doggie pics of the week- Tyson & Oscar

Last weekend was a long-awaited shoot for Tyson and Oscar of Mill Creek, Wa. This shoot was for a gift certificate that was a Christmas gift last year, and I think we ended up booking and rescheduling a couple of times before I made it up there. Poor Tyson had a lump removed and Oscar was on ‘bed rest’ due to a bad leg.

I was so excited to finally meet the boys as I love boxers. I think if I was a dog I’d be a boxer or a lab. I used to think great dane/lab cross because I’m tall but great danes are very graceful, and I am , well, NOT.

So the boxer personality is right up my alley.

What I really loved was how unique each boy was in terms of personality. Tyson was more shy (until he got to running around like a crazed beast in the yard) and Oscar was all ham. AND all about his orange rubber ball.

Here is Tyson going nuts. Look at the lips, he looks like a gorilla, ha ha ha hee hee












It’s a good thing he wasn’t the one with the bad leg.

Here is Oscar with his ball. I think this is my favorite of the bunch of the boys.












It’s really amazing that a dog that has a crack- I mean- ball addiction, can tolerate holding the desired object on their nose. This was a most impressive trick by Oscar!












Tyson gone and done tuckered himself out after all of those ‘yard zoomies’. He could barely keep his eyes open on his dad’s lap. Look at his little lip! I love it. 🙂








Oscar started doing some relaxing too, although he was still pretty interested in what I was doing, although I really think he just wanted me to give him his ball.












Tyson couldn’t fight it any longer.












2 seconds later and he was out…….mmmm, sleep….

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  1. Hi Jamie, wow…these are amazing photographs. You really have a gift for capturing the true essence of a dog. I sure wish you could have photographed Abby for me.

    Have a nice Easter weekend. Sending a big hug your way.xoxo

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