Cool Pet Accesories for the home

I so shouldn’t be going here, because for me this is a slippery slope that has no bottom.

What I am referring to is stuff for the home. In my past life I was an interior designer, and in my free time I spend way too much time pouring over design magazines, and on websites like West Elm and Wrapables and Sprout Home. Oh and the craiglist furniture for sale section- I even have a widget for it on my mac. So sad. 🙂

I have seen some really cool, unusual products for pet lovers that you just don’t see at Petsmart or Target so I thought I’d blog about them.

That way at least maybe I won’t feel so guilty about my obsession and maybe someone will find something they truly adore by seeing it here.

Here are my first ‘finds’.

Carlos night light:

(How cute is he?)

Designed by Kathleen Walsh and found on

Then there is the uber-cool, modern Cat Scratch Wall Art






also at

Lastly, I think the cardboard design of this Cat Cocoon and similar beds and futuristic cardboard ‘scratching posts’ are not only ingenious but beautiful:









Found at Seattle’s very own Velocity Art and Design in Belltown:

Enjoy and I’ll continue to post more as my obsession goes on… 😉

Jamie Cowbelly

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