Cowbelly/Decopaw in the news

I am so very excited about an article that was recently published on the Seattle Times website all about my Decopaw art.

I was contacted several weeks ago by a very lovely super sweet writer by the name of Kathy Schultz who saw my art at Urban Beast and contacted me to do a story. Needless to say I was thrilled and said yes. A week or so after our phone interview the article was published online. Thank you Kathy!

It was even a feature article on the homepage of the site the day it went live!

So very very cool.

Go check it out:

Here is another link:

Also, a couple of weeks ago I did a radio interview for a national radio show called “Healing With Your Pet” with Von Braschler. It was great talking to Von and getting to tell my story about what my job means to me and how lucky I feel to get to photography so many special animals. Von was very nice and although I knew I was being podcast around the country I wasn’t too nervous, although it still sounds like I talked a lot (oh that just nevvvver happens, lol).

Click here to listen to the MP3 file or go to the link below:



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