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I found a great resource for getting stuffed dog toys for the dog “who destroys everything” like my darling pooch Fergie.

I have wasted many a dollar bill on stuffed animals for her from pet stores, that she promptly kills, usually within 5-10 minutes. Legs get ripped off, stuffing flies, squeakers lose their squeak.

The problem is, Fergie LOVES stuffed toys. But I don’t LOVE spending the money on them. I calculate that each toy costs about $1.50 per minute of Fergie’s enjoyment. That’s about 18 times the cost of a feature film in a theater, not including popcorn.

SO, the last time I was at Goodwill to purchase used paperback bestsellers, I happened to stroll by the kids section, and was thrilled, delighted to see a huge aisle literally overflowing with stuffed animals. The price? 99 cents for 2!

A buck for 2 stuffed animals of any size!! Woohoo!

Now I know they may not have squeakers inside of them but you can purchase those seperately and make a little slit and stuff one or more in the animal if your pooch enjoys the squeak factor.

The key is to buy the ones without the beanies in them- lest you end up with a house full of tiny little white beads. Feel the feet, hands and butt to make sure there is only stuffing in there. You may also want to cut the plastic eyes and nose out to lessen choking dangers.

The last time I was at Goodwill I spent about $6 on stuffed animals, and kept them in a plastic bag in the closet, and pulled a new one out every couple of weeks or so. They lasted a long time.

Fergie was thrilled and I was delighted at such an awesome discovery!

BTW: my friend Jenny also had a great idea for the stuffing that comes out of those toys: save it to stuff a dog bed with! I’m saving mine to plump up some couch cushions.

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  1. This is a great idea, I have a Lab/Husky mix and she does the same thing, tears up toys within minutes. Thanks

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