Dog pics of the week

These guys are Derby and Bandit. Derby is the rottweiler, and Bandit is the Blue Heeler. We did this shoot at my favorite location- Gasworks Park. This was extra special to me for two reasons: 1- Derby is sick with cancer, and anytime I hear the words “my dog is sick” I schedule the shoot just as fast as I can- sometimes even within a couple of days. Life with pets is just too precious and sadly there are no second chances. Derby is such a sweet and special guy, which is clear from his picture, and I felt honored that I got to capture his awesomeness.

And Bandit is just plain funny. I got several shots of him ‘spitting’ his ball out including one where he looks not unlike a puffer fish. I dig the mid-air action of this shot. I love Blue Heelers too so I was in heaven with Derby and Bandit. Plus their parents are really nice too.

Here are my top two favorite shots from our shoot.

Oh yes- before I forget! Raina Anderson is the lucky winner of the grand prize gift bag from our Urban Beast artist’s reception last Saturday. Raina will be using her gift certificate for her custom-designed canvas in January and I am looking forward to getting started with her. Congratulations Raina! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Still makes me cry to see that photo of Derby. We are blessed to still have Bandit with us and he was joined by Poke (lab mix) and McLovin another blue heeler with an attitude. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Jamie! You are awesome!

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