Favorite pet photos

A few of my personal faves taken over the years.

From left to right we have: Sydney, Miss Kitty, Hannah, Bruiser, and Bella, respectively.




From left to right: Henry, Knuckles, Besa, Henry, Lucy, respectively.




After doing professional pet photography for 3 years, I still feel like the conduit for the images to come through. I give most of the credit to the animals themselves, and the rest to the camera. 😉

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One thought on “Favorite pet photos

  1. Jamie,
    Hope your health is better…. I am going to be doing a customer appreciation day for my 1st year and I was wondering if you would be willing to bring some of your work. Or send me some of your work and I could get some sign ups for the day and you could shoot some photos on that day. What do you think? I can tell that you are very busy and I think that is so cool. If you can’t maybe you know someone who is just starting out that would like the exposure. Let me know. Thanks, Tracie from PUPS tracie@playtime4pups.com

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