Oh boy oh boy

“Oh boy” could mean many things. It could mean “wow a gift? for me?”, or “somebody’s in trouble and I hope it’s not going to be me”. In Cowbelly’s case today “oh boy oh boy” means “please dear God let me get through this day”.

And also- “Oh Boy, Oh Boy, a new blog!”.

It’s a good thing I am a fast typer as I have always felt that the very last thing I would have time for is a blog.

Well, I have had enough stuff going on lately (projects, art displays, events, NEWS), that I decided, instead of repeating myself to all of my awesomely rad clients, to just post crucial, can’t-live-without, uber-exciting, stuff and news and more stuff, and the occasional genius tidbit, and self-inflated congratulations, on my very own blog.

So- Welcome!! Fergie welcomes you too. She is destroying a black gorilla that will shortly be leaving teensy bits of black fur and entrails all over my apartment.

Back to the praying to God to let the day end- Yes, it has been one of those days. Who is that great children’s storybook character? Max? The no-good-very-bad day, that has inspired many a tatoo? Yeah- like that.

The only redeeming value may come in how I see how my new Sunpak Flash and Sto-Fen Omni Bounce perform when I test them out on my pup Fergie. Pics to come as soon as I figure out how to work the thing.

So welcome to my first day as a blogger and stay tuned for my first attempts at indoor flash pet photography. πŸ™‚

Jamie Cowbelly

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